Amazon FBA Calculator For Fulfillment by Amazon Fees

Amazon Fba Calculator helps you to estimate seller's profit, the revenue potential of any Amazon product. Amazon FBA Calculator is also called Amazon FBA Fee Calculator or Fulfilment by Amazon Profitability Calculator.

Amazon Fba Calculator

Amazon FBA Calculator for Different Countries

There are different calculators available for Amazon sellers who sell in various countries. Each of these calculators will take into account the individual currencies, as well as any fee differences in those countries.

We all can use these FBA calculators according to our region or country to know to sell on Amazon fees and fulfilment by Amazon fees (FBA Fees). By using FBA calculator we can accurately get all our expenses and our profit by selling on Amazon.

How to use Amazon FBA Calculator

Step 1 - Go to Amazon FBA Calculator of your country by clicking the above links of Amazon calculator of your country.

Step 2 - Enter your product name, UPC, EAN, ISBN or ASIN  in the search box and then click search. If you are searching for a new product that is not already selling on Amazon then search for a product similar to your product and belongs to the same category and have similar weight and dimensions as of your product, this will give you an overview of all the charges and expenses on the product.

Step 3 - After putting the product name, UPC, EAN, ISBN or ASIN  you will get the size and dimension and also the weight of the desired product. 

Step 4 - After that, you can enter the cost price of the product in the column of Cost Of Product column and then put selling price at which you want to sell the product in the column of the Item Price in the Amazon FBA Calculator table.

Step 5 - You can also enter the delivery charges, Cost of seller fulfilment and Ship to Amazon charges in the column of the Amazon Fba Calculator to get the accurate analysis of all the expenses and to get the perfect profit margin.

Step 6 - After putting all the data you just click calculate to get an analysis of all the expenses of the Amazon commission on the product and also the FBA charges applicable to the product.

Amazon Fba Calculator

The main things you should be keeping track of include:

- Starting costs- including shipping, photos, samples.
- Marketing costs- including paying for clicks and ad campaigns.
- Changing costs- including FBA fees and returns.

This Amazon FBA Calculator also provides the comparison between FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) and FBM (Fulfillment By Merchant) for the given product. 

Now by seeing all the expenses, you can decide on how much margin you can sell the product on Amazon.

As you can see, the Amazon FBA Fee Calculator helps sellers find out exactly how much Amazon intends to charge you for each item that you send to stock in an Amazon fulfilment centre via FBA.
The FBA Calculator can function as an additional tool in your toolbelt, allowing you to discover real-time cost comparisons between your own fulfilment and Fulfillment via FBA.

Amazon's Disclaimer - Amazon says that the FBA Fee Calculator should only be used as a guide in evaluating FBA and that it may not be 100% accurate. Therefore, if a seller does decide to fulfil by Amazon, note that the fees quoted in the calculator may not be exactly the same as the actual end payment.

What Do the FBA Calculators Take Into Account?

When deciding whether to fulfil items through Amazon, a seller needs to take into account that they will be charged for the following fees:
  • Order handling
  • Picking and packing
  • Outbound shipping
  • Weight handling
  • 30-day storage
  • Inbound shipping
  • Prep service
These fees change according to weight and dimensions of the product. Fees differ for small,. medium, large, extra large products depending on the size of the products.
Fba calculators also tell us the referral fees (Amazon commision fees) and fixed closing fees applicable on the product.

In amazon fba, we have to pay for keeping the product in Amazon warehouse also. Longer we keep the item in the fba warehouse larger we need to pay the storage fees.

This means keep the quantity of product of which you are absolutely confident in the Amazon warehouse, otherwise if the product does not get good sales or remains unsold for a long time you have to pay more storage fees to Amazon or have to get back your product from fba fulfilment centre and this will also cost to you for getting the product back to you from amazon warehouse.

Amazon fba fees calculator clearly tells sellers all the cost or expenses for selling the product on Amazon.

When to use the Amazon FBA Fee Calculator

Most helpful time to use the FBA calculator is when you are researching and scouting new products to sell. The tool will give you the exact net profit and margin that you can expect from your product after doing the complete research over it.

Amazon FBA calculator is also used to analyse to raise or lower the cost of a product depending on the margin of the seller and the competition in the category.

If you are a new seller or planning to sell on Amazon then you can estimate your costing of the product and all other expenses and your margin on the product by using amazon fees calculator. If the product you are planning to sell on Amazon is available on Amazon by other sellers then you can copy the name of the product or ASIN from product description page and paste it on the fba fees calculator. If you are planning to sell a new product that does not exist on amazon then use the name of the products or ASIN similar to the product you plan to sell on Amazon, having similar weight and dimensions and belongs to the same category as of your desired product on Amazon.

Is Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) profitable to you?

By choosing FBA you will get the benefit of world-class fulfilment network of Amazon. By choosing amazon fba, exposure (product visibility) of your product on Amazon will increase in comparison to FBM. By opting for Amazon FBA service your product will be eligible for all the prime shipping and one day or two-day delivery. 

You can sell globally on Amazon (in various countries) by using Amazon FBA services. Using Amazon Fba service will save your time of packing the products and receiving the returns from the customer, and also help you to manage your time and focus more on scaling your business to great heights.

Charges of Fulfillment By Amazon are quite reasonable according to the services provided by the Amazon to the sellers.

By opting for Amazon FBA you will save a lot of time that you were previously spending on Amazon Seller Central.

In my personal opinion, it is greatly beneficial to use Amazon FBA services for your Amazon business. Just give it one try and you will be pleased to know the benefits of it to your business.

Fba vs Fbm

FBA- Fba stands for fulfilment by Amazon. Using fba we can grow our business exponentially. Fba helps sellers to focus on growing there business, not to focus on things related to packing, shipping, delivery, storage of the products.

Fba provides a lot more comfort and flexibility to the Amazon sellers so that they can focus on other aspects of selling on Amazon. Amazon has created this world-class fulfilment network for pleasing their customers with the quick delivery of products. Fba network consists of a lot of Amazon warehouses in which Amazon and its sellers store their product and ensure timely delivery of products to customers on receiving the order, with there logistics courier partners.

Fba saves a lot of time of Amazon sellers at a very little or reasonable cost. The cost of using fulfilment by Amazon services is actually very reasonable for sellers. By using Fba sellers get rid of customer service which they have to provide if they use FBM (for fba products amazon provides customer service). The only disadvantage of using fba is that you have to keep the product in Amazon warehouse. You can not sell the same stock on another platform, you have to keep separate stocks of products for selling on Amazon and for selling on other platforms.
And if the product does not sell well on Amazon then you have to remove it out of Amazon warehouse and you will be charged for that too.

FBM- Fbm stands for fulfilment by Merchant. Fbm is generally a good option for sellers who are starting there business on Amazon or in the growing phase of the business, or selling on other platforms also with the limited stock and limited capital investment. In Fbm sellers themselves has to pick, pack, ship (by courier) the product to the customer. In Fbm sellers also has to provide customer service to the customers. In FBM seller also need to store the products in their warehouse.

Are you getting the profit or loss?

If you are selling products on Amazon FBA, one of the main tasks is to figure out the profitability. This is really important to figure out the profitability of the product after including all the expenses to the cost price of the product, Many Amazon sellers are losing their money because they do not complete this exercise of knowing all the expense.

 Some new sellers always do this mistake of not doing the complete research before launching the product, which causes them loss because they do not know how to calculate all the expenses associated with selling on Amazon. As said by philosophers that little knowledge is always dangerous, you should be having complete knowledge of the field in which you are entering or doing business.

Before starting to sell on Amazon sellers need to have a complete knowledge of the field in which they are planning to sell. Always know that every field has its pro and cons, a seller should keep in mind all the pros and cons of the field in which he/she is planning to sell. By keeping in mind all the pros and cons seller need to estimate his profit and sales velocity of the product.

Understanding the cost

First things, you need to understand is your costs, prior to deciding which product to launch and throughout that product’s lifecycle.
You can break down your costs into three key categories:
Upfront cost - Samples, cost of goods, shipping, photography
Variable cost - FBA fees, storage fees, returns etc.
Marketing cost -  Promotions and pay per click

  • Before starting fba you should be aware of all the local, regional and national weight handling charges, always note that Amazon will charge weight handling fees (shipping fees) based on your products volumetric weight or actual weight whichever is higher.
  • Always ensure that you are taking care of all the expenses or loss like product returns or damaged during delivery, etc charges so that you do not bear any kind of loss. These charges are not included in the calculation of the Amazon Fba Calculator.
  • Fba Fees are not based on prices of the products, they are based on storing and shipping them.

While estimating profit or cost of selling a product on Amazon please take account of these expenses-
  • Actual cost price of the product
  • The cost to get the product to you or your warehouse. (cost of shipping the product from manufacturer or supplier to you)
  • Cost of sending the product to Amazon fba centre or warehouse.
  • Cost of sending the product to the buyer's address (courier fees or weight handling fees of amazon fba)
  • Loss of shipping and packaging fees for an order returned by the buyer. (Seller has to cover these losses to be profitable on Amazon)
  • Cost of advertising the product on and off the Amazon.

What is Amazon FBA

You sell it, Amazon ship it. Amazon has created one of the most advanced fulfilment networks in the world, and your business can benefit from there expertise. With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you store your products in Amazon's fulfilment centres, and we pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. Best of all, FBA can help you scale your business and reach more customers.

Save time and grow your business with these benefits of amazon fba -

  • Your products are eligible for amazon prime free one day, two-day shipping, free shipping and other benefits.
  • Customers get amazon's trusted, customer service and returns.
  • Amazon services let your business grow quickly.
  • You can fulfil orders from other channels by using multi-channel fulfilment of Amazon.
  • It is cost effective and simple.
  • Increased visibility of your product Amazon.
  • Presence of products in the filtered sections of Prime products and Fulfillment By Amazon products.
  • Better and compact packaging of the product.

    How Does Fba Work

    • First, the seller has to print labels from amazon seller central for the products and paste it on the products.
    • After labelling the products seller has to pack them in cartoon or boxes.
    • The seller also has to label these boxes containing the product.
    • Then these boxes or cartoons are sent to fba centres after taking the appointment from the Amazon by using Amazon seller central.
    • After reaching the Amazon warehouse these cartoons and products are scanned by Amazon and then after scanning these products are available for sale on Amazon.
    • Always ensure to put the correct label on the product and the boxes, because of any error in labelling the boxes and products your shipment might be rejected by the Amazon fulfilment centres.
    • Do not cover the barcode on product and boxes with any kind of protection that prevents the scanning of the barcode.

        How To Reduce Your Costing

        For a Business to run smoothly you need to cut down the expenses as much as you can so that you can earn a maximum of it. Tips to reduce your costings are :

        • Try to contact as many supplier or manufacturer of the product that you are selling and ask for the price of the product.
        • Always try to negotiate with the price of the supplier ( do not settle for their first cost ).
        • Try to convince the supplier that you are here to do long-term business with him and always try to negotiate with the supplier. 
        • When your product starts selling in good quantity then try to get the products directly from manufacture ( if earlier you were buying from the supplier). But always keep in mind do not order too much stock of a product that after some time it gets date stocked for you.

          Other Useful Tips

          • Make sure that your products never get out of stock, because every time your products go out of stock it causes loss of sales to you which eventually decreases the profit of the seller. And due to this your BSR (rank) is being hit and it will take some time to recover and get back to where you were before. 
          • Try to know best about your product category, you should be knowing your best season of the product ( duration in which there is a high demand for your product)
          • If you are running out of stock then you can increase your price to make it last a little longer, you can also change your price based on your competitor movements
          • Keep look at the trending things in the market in your category and try to add new trending products to your inventory as early as possible so that you can earn max from them in the low competition.
          • "Learn to spend while you earn", my this sentence might be hearing odd to you but it is 100% truth, because while earning we should explore new things that sound odd to others but always "there is a way when there is a will". Try to experiment with the new products because you do not know which product can be your next winning product, but take only sensible risks. 
          • Make Sure that you download the Amazon Seller App on your mobile so that you can manage your business from every place.

          How To Start Amazon FBA

          • Find a product that is already selling well on Amazon (You can also choose a product on which you are absolutely confident, and it solves the problem of the large community). 
          • Try not to source the exact same product that is already selling huge on Amazon. Just try to little improvise the design or quality of the product ( but do not cause too much variation so that it becomes completely another product).
          • Try to figure out the product that has low competition.
          • Source the product after doing complete research over it from the manufacturer.
          • Always make sure that you contact at least 10 to 15 manufacturers, to get the best possible rates.
          • Always try to negotiate with your supplier or manufacturer and also ask for quantity discounts.
          • Create a super duper listing for the product with the best images possible for the product.
          • Always get some good reviews and feedback for a new product from your friends or family (please be cautious here you should not be caught by Amazon) or use giveaways for this.
          • Run aggressive PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign for your product, so that it gets some organic sales in the early phase.

            How To Get More Sales on Amazon

            Do you know what is common in the sellers who get huge sales on Amazon on a daily basis?
            Can you make a guess!

            There is no rocket science involved in this, you just have to see what the top listings of Amazon of a given keyword have in common. It is as simple as it is.
            The only common thing which you will encounter on the top listings of any keyword on Amazon is the insane or the good number of reviews of products and feedback of sellers. Top listings have lots of reviews in them and their sellers also have lots of feedback. The number of good reviews a product have more is its chances to come up in the search results. Also, the products with a seller who has lots of good feedback also come up in the search results of Amazon. 

            A product that has a good combo of good reviews and good seller feedback is most likely to come up in the search results of Amazon. So as the visibility of a product gets increased on Amazon there is more likely the chance of selling more of that product. So try to increase good reviews of the product and also your feedback as a seller. You can yourself send emails to the buyer to give reviews and feedback to you (via buyer-seller messages through seller central) or get the paid service providers services for this. 

            Another thing that determines the sale of a product on Amazon is there presentation to the customers. The better the images of a product on Amazon, more is the chances of selling that product.

            A product with a good title, good illustrative description and good bullet points also have more chances to sell.

            One more main thing that determines the sale of the product is its pricing, a product that is priced too high in comparison to other similar products are more likely to not get high sales because of high competition in every marketplace. A product with reasonable pricing is most likely to be more sold than others.

            Another great method of getting the sales is by running PPC (pay per click) ads, but be cautious here it is a two-sided arrow, if you do not use it well it will cost you. You must have to learn how to run PPC ads on Amazon.

            You must have to research all the important keywords of your product. You have to put these keywords in the back-end search terms of the product. You must know all the synonyms of the product or the other keywords by which a buyer may search that product, after knowing all the keywords you have to put them in the back-end search terms of the product listing in seller central

            You can use some paid and free tools for keyword research. Some of the main keyword finder tools are

            You can also make digital coupons to offer discounts to buyers and also run lightning deals on your products so that your product will appear on deals section of Amazon and you can get great sales by this (obviously at reduced profit margin).

            How to Reduce Returns

            One of the main tips to earn more on Amazon is to reduce returns. Because returns usually eat a good fraction of profit from sellers pocket. This is one of the major fear among the Amazon sellers. The only blocker in the way of the good profit margin of the sellers are Amazon returns. 

            Tips to reduce returns are:-

            • Always sell quality material.
            • Quality check the sample of the product before placing the bulk order of the product to the supplier.
            • Pack the item in the best possible packing so that it does not gets damaged in transit.
            • Use good courier partners if not using Amazon services.
            • Try to know the reasons for returns of the product and try to fix the problem in the product (if any) so that you will have less return rate in future.
            • Make sure you have the quality agreement between you and your supplier so that you will get the good quality item from the supplier.

                Always get in touch with the social groups and communities (Facebook, WhatsApp, telegram, twitter) of Amazon and all the Amazon sellers, so that you will be updated for every news and new policy or policy changes of Amazon for sellers.

                Amazon FBA Calculator is also called Fulfillment By Amazon Revenue Calculator or Amazon Fee Calculator FBA.

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