Amazon Seller Central Account Or Merchant Login

Using Amazon Seller Central tips you can increase your Amazon sale. By logging Amazon Seller Central account or seller app you can manage your Amazon selling.

What Is Amazon Seller Central?


Amazon Seller Central is very helpful to all the seller on Amazon to manage all the work of selling on Amazon through Amazon Seller Portal or Amazon Seller App. After logging in the Amazon Seller Central we can manage all the works of Amazon selling.

Amazon seller central is the most useful backend tool for Amazon sellers to list products and monitor their traffic on Amazon. You can connect to Amazon seller central by these links

Amazon Merchant Account

To sell on Amazon, you need to have the Amazon seller central account registered. If you do not have Amazon seller account and you want to make Amazon seller account then you can set up your Amazon account by watching this video-

Amazon Seller Central is the best tool for all the Amazon sellers to manage all their Amazon work. Literally Amazon Seller Central is the basic tool that all the Sellers of Amazon need to manage their business. 

By using Amazon Seller Central sellers can perform these functions (Benefits Of Amazon Seller Central) -
Amazon Seller Central

  • Add a new product to sell on Amazon platform.
  • Manage the inventory of products depending on the availability of stocks.
  • Set up deals and promotions of the products.
  • Start Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign to advertise sellers product.
  • Change the price of the product according to competition, season and product availability.
  • Monitor all the transactions like order payments, refunds and other fees.
  • Gets the option to sell globally.
  • Enrol for FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon).
  • Manage FBA shipments and FBA appointments.
  • Set up pricing rules so there are more chances of buy box to the seller.
  • Monitor sellers account Buy Box Win %, Price Competitiveness, Sales Conversion.
  • Manage Orders
  • Generate various reports to understand the business better and to analyse himself.
  • Manage account health, safety claims and A to Z guarantee claims.
  • A seller can also reach to Amazon seller university to understand more about selling on Amazon.
  • Sellers can use third-party services like imaging, Cataloguing and listing, Amazon Boost, Advertising optimisation.
  • A seller can contact any time to seller support in case of any difficulty or error.
  • Sellers can connect to Amazon forums where they can ask questions to Amazon experts and other sellers.
  • It gives suggestion to scale your business on Amazon.
These are the basic benefits of Amazon Seller Central, there are many more features of Amazon Seller Central.

You can also download the Amazon Seller App for your mobile so that you can keep the update of your selling Amazon account. 

You can also connect to Amazon Seller Support through Amazon Seller Central or through Amazon Seller App. There are no call charges or any other charges for this support. Amazon has the complete organisation of seller support for helping the sellers in every possible way.

How Can You Sell Your Products On Amazon

You can sell anything on Amazon. Each and everything has its buyer on Amazon. Amazon is the place where you can get the buyers ready to buy your product without knowing you. Customers buy the product on Amazon because of the trust factor that the Amazon provides to its buyers.

Amazon has the catalogue with millions of product. Some are the brand new products of the big brand names and others are used products, collectable and handcrafted items. 

The easiest way to start if you want to sell products on Amazon is to sell your used products which you no longer needed in your home like digital books, video games, mobiles, collectables etc. A lot of sellers selling huge on Amazon started there Amazon Selling in a similar way.

After this, you can sell products through Amazon Seller Central as a seller. You can watch the above video to get registered as an Amazon seller.

And you can watch these videos to Add products to your Amazon catalogue-

To Add A Product That Already Exists On Amazon

To Create a new Product Listing

After successfully adding the products in Amazon's Catalog you can head over these tips to get good sales on Amazon. 
Always ensure that your Amazon account is secured by using two-step Authentication(this will keep secure your Amazon seller central account).
You can also allow some people to get access to login to your seller central by giving them user permission for your account. You Can allow some selected people to enter your seller central by giving them user permission from your Amazon seller central account.

Amazon Seller Fees - Cost Of Selling On Amazon


Each and every seller on Amazon has to pay certain fees out of his/her profit on selling an item on Amazon platform. Fees associated with selling on Amazon are -
  • Referral fee - This is a certain percentage of fees which the seller has to pay on every sale made by him on Amazon platform. The referral fee is fixed for every category. The referral fee is a fixed percentage fee on the sale price for every category of products on Amazon platform. It varies according to the category of the product.
  • Fixed Closing Fee - It is a fixed fee which the seller has to pay on every sale. It is fixed for all the products of all categories in a definite price range. All the sellers selling the products (in a given price range) on Amazon has to pay the same Fixed Closing Fee on every sale. Fixed closing only changes according to the price range of the product, it gas nothing to deal with the category.
  • Amazon Easy Ship Fee [For Non-FBA sellers] - It is the fee every seller pays for delivering the ordered product to the buyer's address. Amazon Transportation Services picks the product from the seller pickup address and delivers it to the buyers delivery address. Easy ship fees depend on the Dimensions (Volumetric Weight) and weight of the product to be delivered to the buyer.
  • Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) Fee [for FBA sellers only] - It includes the pick and pack fee, storage fees and the weight handling fee. This fees for a product is determined by the weight and dimensions of the product. 
Beside these fees, there is also some other expense which a seller has to calculate to get profit from selling on Amazon. A seller on Amazon also has to calculate the loss of money on the returned product (seller has to bear the loss of shipping cost of the product if returned by the buyer or if the product returns undelivered to seller).

 Seller has to also keep in mind the amount of money to spend on PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertisements and the fees of other third-party Amazon Service Providers (this fee is only applicable if the seller uses the Amazons third party service). 

One more thing that is really important for sellers using self-ship (not using amazon easy ship or FBA) is that they should keep in mind that there Order Defect Rate (ODR) should not increase Amazon threshold. Because using self-ship is really vulnerable to A to Z claims and negative feedback due to a lot of other circumstances created by courier companies and certain other factors. 

How To Get Good Sales On Amazon - Amazon SEO


Do you know Amazon Ranking Algorithm is called A9 algorithm? 
I am summarising all the content in the simplest way to help you understand the most of the concept in an easy way -
  • First and the foremost the basic thing is that get your listing fully optimised to get as many sales as your product is capable of getting.

Better Images

  • Just have the finest image possible for the product. Try to think as a buyer and look at the similar products in your category, try to figure out which angle of the images gives the most decent look of the product, which attracts the buyer to click on it and to purchase it.

Product Title

  • Keep the title attractive, not too much longer. Just keep the main keyword of the product in the title. The main title should also contain the Brand name of the product, main keyword, article and colour specification of the product. 

Bullet Points And Description

  • Also, put the other main keywords in the bullet points and the description of the product. Bullet point and description should highlight all the feature and details of the product including the main keywords in them.

Backend Keywords

  • Also, put all the main keywords or possible search terms of the product in the backend keyword section of the listing. Just go to manage inventory of Amazon Seller Central click on the edit menu on the right of every product listing and put the all the keywords related to the product in the keyword column. Remember do not repeat any keyword. There is the limit of characters up to which they are indexed, if we put more keywords then all the keywords would become inactive. Try to arrange the keywords in a best possible way ever possible.
Amazon Search term character limit is -
  1. For India marketplace, it is up to 200 bytes.
  2. For Japan marketplace, it is up to 500 bytes.
  3. For Canada, UK, US, Mexico and all other marketplaces it is up to 250 bytes excluding (amazon china). 
  • You can use various free and paid tools available on google for Amazon keyword research.
Some of the best free Amazon Keyword Research Tools are -
Some of the best paid Amazon Keyword Research Tools are -
  • Just keep your eyes open and your ears clear this is one of the most important tips for me that help me to succeed as a seller on Amazon. The main thing that I focus on while launching an item on Amazon is that instead of giving giveaways I just keep the pricing as low as my cost price of the product (includes Amazon charges). I just keep this price just to ensure that whenever a buyer reaches to my product on Amazon he has to end up buying my product because I am not getting the profit from this product, therefore, no other seller can give this price to the buyer. The benefit of using this tactic is that the more you sell initially the more Amazon pushes your product up in the search results. And after some time when the product reaches to the first page then you can increase its price to get the profit.

Is Your Pricing Right?

  • Also, ensure that your price should not be too much low or too much high in comparison to your competitors. Because too much low price causes buyer to suspect on the quality of the product and too much high price in comparison to competitors also causes loss of sales.

Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign

  • After all that also ensure that you set up an Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign. Setting up campaign ignites visibility of the product on Amazon platform and also gives sales. Remember in the launching phase of the product please keep the high daily budget so that it can help you the most.

Lightning Deals and Promotions

  • Also, ensure that you set up Lightning Deals and Promotions for the product on a regular basis or in the season of the product or any other occasions (like sale days).

Are Feedback And Reviews Important?

  • Again wake up my all readers (please pay attention) - this point is going to be most beneficial for you if you are making just a little bit of sales. Just try to get as many good Feedback and Reviews as possible. If you forget all my words above this para then I will not mind it but if you forget this para then I will definitely mind it. Because this is the soul of this complete article. I am again repeating that just get as many Good Feedback and Reviews as possible because the more good feedback and reviews you have the more your product will appear in search results and more its chances of being sold are there. 

FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) or FBM (Fulfillment By Merchant)

  • If you are selling through FBM (fulfilment by merchant) then you can upgrade to FBA (fulfilment by Amazon) this will definitely boost your sales. Most of the sellers see that shifting to FBA cause an increase in the number of orders they receive. The reason behind that is that the products that are fulfilled by Amazon are eligible for one-day two-day delivery and also they get an edge over other FBM products. FBA products also get more visibility on Amazon in comparison to  FBM products.

Benefits Of Amazon Brand Registry

  • If you are selling Private Labelled Products and then go for Amazon Brand Registry because it not only protects your listing from hijackers (other seller selling the same product) but also increases your conversion rate. Registered Brands on Amazon are able to add their product video, write an Enhanced Brand Content for the product. All of these will increase your conversion rate.

Amazon FBA Calculator

  • You can use Amazon's FBA calculator to do the calculation of all the products on Amazon. FBA Calculator will give you the exact amount of spending that you will be spending on the product and also the profit that you will get on selling the product.

Amazon Seller Central is the holy place for all the amazon sellers.

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