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Islamic symbol or logo for the Muslim information. Get the Islamic symbol, logo or Muslim sign. Islamic crescent moon and star symbol meaning | Allah symbol.

Islamic Symbol

Designs used as the symbol of Islam include calligraphy of important concepts or phrases, like shahada, bismillah, takbir, etc. The colour green is often used to symbolise Islam.

Islam discourages the use of these symbols. There is no official statement that Green is an Islamic symbol. Despite the prohibition symbolism still found its way into Islam. These symbols are used to display an association with the Islamic belief and tradition.

It is said in the Quran in Surah  18:31 that, those who inhabit paradise will wear silk garments of green. Due to this particular statement lot of people start using green as an Islamic symbol

But beside this Quran are mostly covered with green bindings, mosques are coloured with green as a predominant colour. Sufi saints have their graves covered with green figures. You can also see green colour prominently in the flags of many Muslim countries.

The Star and Crescent

The star and crescent is actually the best-known symbol of Islam or Muslims. It is placed on top of Muslim Mosques and, Star and Crescent are used quite regularly on most of the Islamic occasions and in also the flags of Islamic countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Maldives, Malaysia etc.

Islamic Symbol star and crescent

The star and crescent actually originate from the Ottoman empire and is not at all of the Islamic origins.

It is a sign of cultural diffusion, as the Islam spreads in Ottoman empire this sigh of the Ottoman empire becomes the sign of Islam.

Besides this, some peoples advocate the use of Star and Crescent as a symbol of Islam by citing certain verses in the Quran to support the use of Star and Crescent in Islam as an Islamic symbol.


Another symbol associated with Islam or Muslims is Rub-el-Hizb. It is a symbol made of two overlapping squares at 90 degrees to and creating an 8 pointed star. A circle is there in the centre of both the squares.

Islamic Symbol Rub-el-Hizb

It is used in Arabic calligraphy to mark the end of a chapter and also appears in Quran at the end of passages.

The Rub-el-Hizb sign or symbol is seen on many emblems and also on the flags of many Islamic countries.

Other Islamic Symbols

Words written in Arabic calligraphy like Allah, shahada, bismillah, takbir, etc are also considered as the visual representation of Islam.

Early Islamic armies and caravans flew solid coloured flags(black or white) for identification purpose. Later on, Muslim leaders also use the simple black, white and green flag with no writing or marking on them.

Sword is also a symbol associated with Imam Ali, who had fought for Islam with his sword.

Mohammad (S.A.W) also used flags of different colours for his different campaigns. But the major flag used by him was the plain black flag (al-Ukab "the eagle") without any symbol or logo.

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